Golden Turmeric Soft Salve (Large Jar)

Golden Turmeric Soft Salve (Large Jar)

Golden Turmeric Soft Salve (formally known as the California Sunshine Salve) is a luscious, deep healing skin ointment. This organic herbal salve is packed with the endless healing, anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of turmeric, making it perfect for skin issues needing repair+ relief along with the combination of other healing herbs and oils making this a power house healing skin treatment. An all around great salve to have on hand for anything from to diaper rash or warts, scrapes, inflammation, sunburn, sun damage, age spots, blemishes and skin tags and more...

This, soft, velvety golden goodness clears up any skin irritation I have applied it on so far! Definitely a medicine cupboard staple in our household.

*Golden Turmeric Soft Salve can stain clothing (thanks to the antioxidant rich yellow color of turmeric root, embrace the yellow or wrap treated area with a cotton cloth or band aid) it will wash off of skin (you wont turn yellow forever!) 

+ turmeric
+ chamomile 
+ yarrow
+ calendula
+ california poppy
+ sunflower oil
+ olive oil
+ bees wax

3 ounces of luscious golden ointment comes in an attractive (and reusable) clear glass jar with latch lock closure. $22



"This salve has completely cleared up my psoriasis on my face after two weeks of daily use.  It is worth the temporary yellow skin, I will be re ordering."


"I used this salve on a horrible scrape on my 1 year olds face- It healed very quickly and it seemed to feel good when I applied it to his skin.  I have also successfuly treated diaper rash using the salve- cloth diaper friendly (minus the yellow- but it doesn't bother us) 


Do you have a success story with this California Sunshine Salve? Let us know through the contact page!